Posted August 17, 2022

Sheep Visited the JBFC

In conjunction with our JBFC Kids screening of Shaun the Sheep Movie, four sheep from Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture came to the JBFC Media Arts Lab parking lot on Saturday, August 13. Thank you to everyone who attended the sold-out screening of Shaun the Sheep Movie. It was a memorable day at the movies, and fun for the whole family! Sign up for the JBFC Kids ebulletin to find out more about upcoming movies and events.

Maryn, a farmer from Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, answered questions from children who came to greet the sheep.

sheep looking at camera

Two of the sheep were little lambs, only three months old, and two were adults. Their names were Alto, Holstein, Caleb and Shaun (just like the movie!)
Q: How many sheep do you have in total?
A: Around 260
Q: Why do the sheep have blue paint on their backs?
A: Because they all just had a pedicure, and it’s the farmer’s way of keeping track of which sheep has been clipped.
Q: How do you keep them safe from Coyotes?
A: There are five special dogs who live with the sheep to keep them safe.
Sheep From Stone Barns Center With Farmer
Special thanks to our partner, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture!

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