Diversity Equity Inclusion & Accessibility at the JBFC

The DEIA Committee is made up of JBFC employees committed to fostering a sustainable organizational culture that embraces the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, and sees these values as integral to JBFC’s success. The purpose of the committee is to integrate adherence to DEIA best practices into the JBFC's organizational work and mission in meaningful and practical ways.



We strive to live our DEIA values with all members of the JBFC film community who bring our mission to live: employees, audiences, students, educators, emerging artists, industry professionals, donor, volunteers, vendors, and community partners.


Diversity is the respect and appreciation of all the ways we differ from one another. We value diversity, and strive to ensure it is reflected in our community, including along the lines of race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and identity, socioeconomic status, age and lived experiences, religion and culture, and ability differences and neurodiversity.


We recognize that we do not live in an equal society and accept responsibility for creating equitable pathways and processes. We invest our resources to amplify underrepresented and marginalized voices in the film industry, with the intention of rectifying both history and current inequities in whose stories are told, and by whom.


We identify and amend the visible and invisible signs and indicators of who belongs in our spaces. By actively and authentically valuing and honoring our differences, we create an environment that is universally welcoming. We seek innovative and productive ways to involve members of our community in the development of new programs and initiatives that are timely and relevant.


Through continuous accessibility improvement, we aim to create a future for the audience experience where no one with differing abilities must take additional steps to engage with our programs and facilities. We strive to center physical and cognitive accessibility of our programs and facilities, implementing assistive hearing & viewing technologies, and removing physical barriers to engagement.




Respect each other, our voices, our differences and our needs, with a communal understanding that everyone has a vital role to play in our organization’s success; Recognizing and celebrating every employee’s individual talents, contributions, and accomplishments.


Treating others with kidness and generosity; Recognizing our shared humanity and that everyone makes mistakes; Exhibiting patience and forgiveness by utilizing the ability to self-correct, forgive yourself, and to extend that courtesy to others.


Taking responsibility for our words, actions, work, and our impact on others; Acknowledging unintended consequences of action (or lack thereof); Learning from past work and adapting accordingly.


Following through on our promises, obligations, and responsibilities to our co-workers and patrons; Upholding the JBFC Code of Conduct; Regularly asking: How are we living our mission? Are we keeping our promises to our colleagues, audience, and community?


Holding space for vulnerability; Asking for help and soliciting other perspectives so that we may learn from each other; Being self aware with the understanding that setbacks can breed innovation and mistakes can create learning opportunities.


Clear and transparent communication whenever possible; Being open to discovering new solutions; Being honest with each other - listening to understand, and soliciting feedback with the goal of learning; Actively support collaborative ways to address conflict and tension, and ensure there are institutionally-defined processes for HR as well as DEIA issues.


Knowing that we all bring different skills and perspectives to the table and finding strength in our diversity; Demonstrating an appreciation for all competencies and experiences; Commitment to continuous self-led learning and growth: the work starts with YOU.


Feeling personally and emotionally safe, and ensuring others do too; Being confident that you can speak your mind without fear of retaliation or judgment; keeping your word to help create an environment where we can believe and rely on one another.


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Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and other communities of color as we fight for a more just and equitable world together. We recognize that the JBFC has more work to do to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fully woven into the fabric of our organization. Read the JBFC's Institutional Statement.

Stop Asian Hate

We unequivocally condemn the dangerous rhetoric and all violence wielded against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. We have a responsibility to speak up and call out hate, racism, misogyny, and white supremacy in our communities, and the nation at large. Read the JBFC's Institutional Statement.

Accessibility at the JBFC

The JBFC is fully compliant with all the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design, and regularly looks for new ways to share our film offerings with everyone in our community. Learn more.

JBFC Community Code of Conduct

We are a community of film lovers, media makers, and knowledge seekers who strive to create an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment where everyone can enjoy our exceptional film and education programs. We represent diverse views and experiences and we aim to treat one another—filmgoers and staff alike—with respect, courtesy, and kindness. Learn more.