Blog Cinemania Student Critic Review: Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

Posted February 13, 2020

by Zachary Neilson-Papish, Cinemania Student Critic

It is rare to find a single film that can tackle difficult subjects like Alzheimers, cancer, and China’s one child policy, yet leave you hopeful about the future. This year’s Oscar nominated animated shorts are nine such films that will have you gripping your seat eagerly waiting for the next one. One that really spoke to me is Henrietta Bulkowski, an inspiring film about a woman (Henrietta) determined to become a pilot despite having severe kyphosis—a hunchback—which prevents her from seeing in front of her. After failing her physical exam, she realizes that if she ever wants to accomplish her dream she’s going to have to do something. Moving into a landfill and scavenging for parts, Henrietta believes that the only way to accomplish her dreams is to finish building her plane. Years later, she learns that what she thought was her worst enemy was really all that she had ever needed. Another interesting selection, Mémorable is a beautifully animated story of an aging painter with Alzheimers and the toll it has taken on his life and marriage. As his dementia increases, the world around him slowly melts into the art he loves. The Oscar nominated animated films are a must-see and are highly recommended for everyone above the age of ten. 

Zachary Neilson-Papish is a student of our Cinemania program. Stay tuned for more reviews from Cinemania critics!

Cinemania is JBFC’s after school film club where middle school students watch & discuss films from all over the world.

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