The Meditative Life 2019: Consciousness, Meaning, and Connection

Feb. 5–Mar. 7, 2019

Our annual series explores not only meditation and mindfulness, but also the many ways in which we investigate the different realms of the human experience. This year’s programs draw us close to spiritual leaders and practitioners, steep us in music and art, and bring us into the worlds of kirtan, monastic life, and yoga. They encourage us to grapple with the end of life, the nature of reality, provocative treatments for trauma—and how to really listen. Join us for a JBFC campus-wide immersion into different and provocative ideas, starting with an unforgettable evening with a Buddhist nun in Tibet, brought to us by the peerless filmmaker Hamid Sardar.

Programmed by Brian Ackerman, Sharon AvRutick, and Saidah Russell

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