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Ear Yoga: Think With Your Ears

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Ear Yoga: Think With Your Ears

Our capacity to truly listen and absorb everyday sound is often dampened—if not entirely ignored—by the pressures of the modern urban soundscape. In this unusual, intimate workshop, you’ll re-tune your ears to the primal sense of acute hearing. Sound artist Bruce Odland, who has spent his career highlighting the complex and vibrant sonic landscapes that make up our world, will facilitate a series of exercises designed to stimulate the “hunter-gatherer” precision of hearing. Participants will be encouraged to stretch underused auditory muscles, expand their reach and potential, and “think with their ears.”

This hour-long program, which is limited to 25 participants, will take place in the Media Arts Lab, 405 Manville Rd., down the street from the Theater. Please note: There is no media component to this program.

photo credit: David Lamb

Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)


w/ sound artist and sonic philosopher Bruce Odland
Sunday, Mar. 3 2019, 2:00
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A pioneer in sound installations, Bruce Odland is an artist who thinks with his ears. His first public sound installation, Sun Song, broadcasted a four-channel cloud of reverberant sound over an outdoor festival in Denver in 1977. Since then he has discovered resonance and beauty in both the fractal music of nature and the transformation of vast industrial soundscapes of cities into harmonic music. In 1987 he founded O+A with Austrian sound artist Sam Auinger, and their latest collaboration is a permanent installation, Hearing View (2013), containing a library of healing sounds for the Rheinau Psychiatric Clinic, the oldest psychiatric institution in Switzerland. Over the years, Odland has lent his ears to many collaborative projects in film, dance, museum installation, and theater with artists such as Laurie Anderson, The Wooster Group, Peter Sellars, JoAnne Akalaitis, Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, and many others. He is a founder of The TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Colorado, which was outlined in 2017 in a New Yorker piece by Alex Ross.

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