Don’t Look Away: The Films of Paul Schrader

May 18–24, 2018

Rarely does a filmmaker come along who creates work as engaging as Paul Schrader. Widely known as the provocative screenwriter behind films like Taxi Driver, Obsession, Raging Bull, and The Last Temptation of Christ, Schrader has also spent the last four decades carving out his own space as a director, producing some of the most eye-opening and challenging films in the industry. As we celebrate the release of his latest tour-de-force, First Reformed, Retro Revival looks back at some of his larger directorial efforts. With stories that take us to Rust Belt auto factories and West Coast porno sets, to the Los Angeles escort scene and even a New Orleans zoo where nothing is quite as it seems, Paul Schrader’s films invite us to peer into worlds we know little about, enticing our eyes so they never leave the screen.

Programmed by JBFC Senior Programmer, Andrew Jupin


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