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Image, Sound, and Story

Join our community of educators committing to raising a generation of students who are college and career ready, with strong critical analysis, creative collaboration, and multimedia communication skills.

With videos and media all around us, we are in the midst of a revolution in media viewing, creation, and distribution. Everyone is increasingly reliant are on the power of image and sound to communicate their messages. To keep pace, today’s students must be fluent interpreters and creators of visual language, just as they must also know how to read and write, and speak and listen.

Image, Sound, and Story is a groundbreaking curriculum that integrates critically viewing short films and creating media projects into classroom culture and literacy instruction. The units are guided by the JBFC’s Learning Framework goals: to build the skills of observation, comprehension, and analysis for viewing media while developing imagination, intention, and production skills in creating media. Image, Sound, and Story projects help learners strengthen their ability to communicate and collaborate in both old and new ways. The curriculum is available for grades 3–12 and includes ten units, each based on a literacy concept:

How to Get Started


Take a Workshop

Learn about the Image, Sound, and Story experience by taking a three-hour workshop at the Media Arts Lab.


Become a Certified Educator

Participate in Image, Sound, and Story professional development at the JBFC campus during a three-day Summer Institute or two-day workshop.


Become a School Partner

Schools with at least two Certified Image, Sound, and Story Educators are eligible to become school partners.


Community Organizations

We work with organizations serving middle-school students in our community through after-school field trips and professional development.

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