Blog Remembering Nathan (Nat) Hoyt

Posted August 29, 2019

The JBFC is saddened to announce that our amazing friend and architect, Nathan ‘Nat’ Hoyt, passed away on August 25th. Literally everyone who has ever watched a film at the JBFC has come into contact with Nat’s extreme good taste, gentility, and love for movies and community, as he is responsible for the look and feel of all five of our theaters.

A longtime Pleasantville resident and champion of the film center, its potential and its impact on audiences and the surrounding community, Nat has always been an essential pillar of our success.

A devoted cinephile, you could regularly catch him watching films with his son Charlie (who, like my eldest son Ethan, owes his love of world cinema to Cinemania and Emily Ohara).

Please join me in celebrating Nat and his legacy at the JBFC, and here’s hoping that he is sitting back with a well-mixed cocktail today.

Thanks to Ed Cody for the great shot above of Nat at the opening of Theater 4 and The Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan Theaters.

—Dominick Balletta, JBFC Managing Director

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