Blog JBFC Mixtapes, Vol. 19: Dance on Film 2019

Posted September 25, 2019

by Choreographer Peter Pucci

JBFC Mixtapes is an initiative from the Burns to highlight the music—from soundtracks to scores—that makes the cinematic experience so special. Vol. 19 comes to us from Peter Pucci, host of Dance on Film’s annual shorts program, Dancers Dancing, who writes: “This playlist represents a mix of eclectic music from some of the dance shorts from this year’s edition of Dancers Dancing: Love Stories. With love stories in mind and inspired by this year’s lineup of short films, I included some of the current music that I’m listing to and considering for future choreographic projects. There are a lot of awesome and unexpected choices included on this mixtape. As a choreographer, music inspires me to create new dances. I’m always surprised and amazed by the extraordinary music that accompanies movies.”

Listen to Peter’s hand-crafted JBFC Mixtape through Spotify below for a sneak preview of what’s in store for Dancers Dancing on Oct. 20. When you’re done, waltz on over to the JBFC for Dance on Film 2019 from Oct. 17—24!


JBFC Mixtapes, Vol. 19: Dance on Film 2019

  1. “Here We Go Again” by Anthony Fuscaldo, from the short film Here We Go Again, part of this year’s Dancers Dancing short film program on Oct. 20.
  2. “Bloodflow” by Grandbrothers
  3. “You’re the Cream in My Coffee” by the Nat King Cole Trio
  4. “Winter Trees Stand Sleeping” by Dawda Jobarteh
  5. “Ooh My Soul” by The Beatles, from The BBC Recordings
  6. “Burnout” by VT100
  7. “Wait for Me” by Kings of Leon
  8. “Club Nowhere” by Blue Man Group
  9. “Love Me Again” by John Newman
  10. “Og Lengra” by Olafur Arnalds from Reminiscence, part of the Dancers Dancing short film program on Oct. 20.
  11. “Funky, Funky Reggae” by DJ Spooky presents: Dave Barker
  12. “The Long Black Veil” by The Chieftans (with Mick Jagger)

Screening Oct. 20 at 5:15 at the JBFC as part of annual series Dance on Film, Dancers Dancing: Love Stories returns for 2019 with a diverse slate of short films inspired by the power and performance of dance. Hosted by choreographer Peter Pucci, this year’s program is sure to entertain dance fans of all tastes and backgrounds. Annual series Dance on Film runs Oct. 17-24 at the JBFC, and is made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor.

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