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Witkin & Witkin


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Witkin & Witkin

“Captures something carnivalesque…setting the stage for both brothers’ gravitation toward society’s underbelly.” (Artnet)

Witkin & Witkin explores the worlds of two celebrated artists born in Brooklyn—the photographer Joel-Peter Witkin and the painter Jerome Witkin—looking at their work, the philosophy of their practices, and the curiously severed lives of these identical twins. For most of their 80-plus years the two have lived and worked at opposite ends of the country, showing very little interest in reuniting. Witkin & Witkin astutely contrasts the mediums of painting and photography, looking at perception and creativity through the lens of the artists and their separate lives, and, over four years of filming, allows the passage of time to tell its own parallel narrative.

Tickets: $9 (members), $14 (nonmembers)

Joel-Peter’s photography and Jerome’s paintings distinctly capture the human condition. With quiet beauty, Witkin & Witkin celebrates the vision of two great American artists.

This film is part of the FrameWorks 2019: Art on Film series.

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