The New Black (Shababniks) Program 2

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The New Black (Shababniks) Program 2

“Funny, whimsical, and cutting…. Stylistically, Malka trades soft-lens nostalgia for Tarantinoesque dark, even violent, comedy.” (Tablet)

The Israeli TV series The New Black (Shababniks) swept the comedy prizes at the 2018 Israeli Academy for Film and Television Awards, winning Best Series, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor. The story begins with three rebellious roommates—shababniks, Hebrew slang for Haredi youth who are not quite on the path—in a Jerusalem yeshiva. The guys take the brilliant-but-geeky Geydalya under their wings, bringing him along on their adventures in the shopping mall and drinking double espressos in a non-kosher café downtown. There are no tortured heroes or heartbreaks in The New Black. Instead, what you’ll find are yeshiva bad boys involved in Western life, dressing well, smoking cigarettes, and contemplating how to get rich while studying the Talmud.

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photo credit: Ohad Romano

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This film is part of the Westchester Jewish Film Festival 2019 series.

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