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Shake the Dust


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Shake the Dust

From Yemen to Colombia, Cambodia to Uganda, young people living in poverty are expressing themselves through breakdancing. Filmmaker Adam Sjöberg crisscrossed the globe to document performers inspired by the music of Nas, Talib Kweli, Common, and other rappers to create some of the most exciting b-boying seen anywhere. As one artist put it, “We know we can’t dance our way out of poverty, but breakdancing fills our hearts with hope.” Ours, too, as we watch a lone Iraqi dancer descend into a dusty Yemeni city, boombox in hand.

Played with the short film, We are already dancing… A collage of ten years of filmed choreography by Marta Renzi dedicated not only to the proposition that all of us can dance, but that we already are. (2015. 3 m.)


This film is part of the Dance on Film series.

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