Posted April 13, 2015

(Adult) Lab Makers Showcase!

This is a post by Yolanda Pividal, Adjunct Faculty

They are designers, teachers, painters, and sales agents from every corner of Westchester county. What do they have in common? The JBFC! Our adult students are a special group of makers. They all came with big projects and a great deal of passion in their minds and it was a pleasure and an inspiration to work with them and to witness how these projects took off and landed.

On Friday April 17th, we’ll be celebrating their creative projects at the Lab Makers Showcase. This special showcase will feature the work of Pat Conley with a screening of War Stories, a vérité film that tracks a group of World War II reenactment enthusiasts; Deborah Sayer’s Many Scars, a film that documents her journey to find a cure for a seemingly “incurable” illness, Robin Dellabough’s Last Spring, First Fall, a poetic short piece based on a dream, Pauline Scheneider’s Going Dark, a short doc about Dr. McPherson, evolutionary biologist and climate change lecturer, Duston Spear’s Red Thread, an operatic film short that incorporates art and live music to spin a narrative between two women (one of them has been in prison for half of her life), and Amy Tucker’s Free Hand Glass, an exploration of glass making with studio glass artists, Michael Benzer and John Gilvey.

Between 2011 and 2014, all of these talented individuals were part of my “Crafting the Documentary” course as well as other courses such as “Works in Progress,” “Final Cut Pro,” “Editing Craft and Structure,” “Documentoring,” and even “Stop Motion Animation.” This will be an evening where the audience will have the chance not only to watch finished pieces and work-in-progress excerpts of unique work but also to talk with the makers and listen to their inspirational stories.

We invite you to join us in the Media Arts Lab (405 Manville Road, Pleasantville) screening room on April 17 at 6:00 pm.
Please RSVP by email no later than April 16.

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