Still from THE HOLE, featuring a man in his undergarments sitting on the floor.

The Hole

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About The Hole:

1998. 89 m. Tsai Ming-liang. Big World Pictures. Taiwan/France. Mandarin/Taiwanese w/ English subtitles.

Set just prior to the start of the 21st century, this vaguely futuristic story follows two residents of a rapidly crumbling building who refuse to leave their homes in spite of a virus that has forced the evacuation of the area. As rain pours down relentlessly, a single man is stuck with an unfinished plumbing job and a hole in his floor, resulting in a very odd relationship with the woman who lives downstairs. Combining deadpan humor with an austere view of loneliness and a couple of unexpected musical numbers, Tsai Ming-Liang crafted one of the most original films of the 1990s. Produced for French television’s 2000 Seen by… series, this was originally broadcast in a 69-minute version called Last Dance. This longer version is the director’s preferred cut.

Order a virtual screening of The Hole!

  • To take advantage of this screening option, you will follow this link to Big World Picture’s site. You will first need to register on this site with your own personal login details (you will not have access through your existing JBFC account). It’s very easy! You will enter your name and email address and set a password. Signing up is totally free.
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Order a virtual screening of The Hole!

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