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Posted February 10, 2017

By JBFC Marketing Volunteer Dotty Battel

One thing to love about Oscar season: we get to watch short films in theaters! And as always, these works are part of the 2016 Academy Awards action. The 15 films nominated this time around are being showcased in 4 separate film programs: Animation, Live Action, and Documentaries: Program A and Program B.  The shorts are now showing, and we will be rotating them and screening each program multiple times, so you should be able to catch any or all of the contenders. And don’t forget, picking the winning films in this category could make you a stand-out in your office pool!

Just a brief word about what you can expect in each program:

Animated NomineesThis is a glorious age for animation and the films come from both here and abroad. Getting the most buzz is World of Tomorrow, a Sundance Film festival “Best of Fest” prizewinner and “not just the best animated short of the year, it’s one of the very best filmsanimated, short, or otherwise.” (Seattle Screen Scene). Watch this trailer of the animated nominees and see for yourself:

Live Action NomineesThe films in this category offer something for everyone. Topical stories, ranging from gripping dramas to ironic comedies, are told in a wide range of styles. The actions take place in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

–Documentary Program A and Program B Nominees – This fine group of films all took courage and compassion to make and are not always easy to watch, but they show us something new about the world and will not be easy to forget. Don’t miss them!

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