The Meditative Life 2017: Consciousness, Spirit, Thinking, and Being

May 11–June 8, 2017

An exploration of thinking, being, loving, and living—and the ways ideas about consciousness and spirituality are seeping into our understanding of health, aging, and life in general.


Portrait of a GardenMay 29

  “Remarkably evocative. A zen meditation on time, nature and human activity.” (New York Times) “Sublime… more than a fine documentary—it’s a balm for the soul.” (Village Voice) In a restored, nearly 500-year-old restaurant garden on a grand country estate in Holland, an 85-year-old pruning master and the gardener/owner take care of the espaliers. Time [...]

The Happy FilmMay 30

“Entertaining to its core… Universally compelling” (Film Journal) “Personal, thoughtful, and visually arresting.” (Scientific American) Grammy Award–winning graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister lives in a world many can only dream of, designing album covers for the likes of The Rolling Stones and Jay Z, and he’s made a name for himself by upending the status quo. [...]

The Sunshine MakersJune 7

  “An ode to the counterculture’s well-intentioned ethos and the dubious conduct it spawned, Mellen’s film is the rare documentary to function as time capsule, philosophical inquiry, and rollicking thriller all at once.” (The Daily Beast) Tim Scully was a quiet science prodigy from California. Nick Sand was a huge personality from Brooklyn. And in [...]

Notes on BlindnessJune 8

  “Magnificent…The tone of the narration is so wrenchingly honest that the film never lapses into self-pity or relies on mystical platitudes.” (New York Times)   The great neurologist Oliver Sacks called the theologian John Hull’s memoir “the most extraordinary, precise, deep, and beautiful account of blindness I have ever read.” The same can be [...]