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This brand new program opens the doors to our Media Arts Lab and welcomes local students to engage with film and storytelling techniques through film analysis and hands-on, project based learning. Each workshop includes active film viewing, discussion, a media making activity, and a presentation. Join us for one of these engaging and exciting educational experiences!


Lab Field Trip: Show, Don’t Tell

Location: The JBFC Media Arts Lab

Cost: $20/Student or FREE for under-resourced schools

Time: 9:30 AM–12:30 PM

Capacity: 30 Students (Max)

Grades: 5th-12th

Lab Field Trips: Information for Schools


Bring your class to the JBFC’s Media Arts Lab to participate in a hands-on filmmaking workshop introducing students to the foundational storytelling technique of “Show, Don’t Tell.” This film and literary technique empowers the viewer to experience a story through actions, senses, and feelings rather than exposition, dialogue, and description.





Over the course of a 3 hour workshop, students will engage with short films exploring the “Show Don’t Tell” technique, learn basic shot type language and storyboarding skills, and make a short scene of their own. The entire experience culminates in a celebratory screening of the day’s projects in the Lab’s onsite movie theater.



  • Practice 21st century skills
  • Understand how media is made and impacts us
  • Practice storytelling and empathy building
  • Strengthen an understanding of visual literacy
  • Build film language
  • Create and share a group film project



  • Project-based Creative Teamwork
  • Critical and Active Viewing or “Landmarking”
  • Storytelling Technique of “Show, Don’t Tell”
  • Filmmaking Techniques & Language: Shot Types
  • Filmmaking Process: Pre-production (Storyboarding), Production, Post-production
  • Technical Skills: Filming and Editing (iPad)


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