Virtual PD Workshop: Creative Nonfiction Filmmaking in the Classroom


May 31, 2022

4:00 PM ET–6:00 PM ET



Watching and making nonfiction films in the classroom can be challenging for students. In the past, documentaries have been seen as complicated, dry, or even boring. Not anymore! Nonfiction filmmaking is now brimming with creativity. With truth as its guiding hand, nonfiction is a powerful medium to make exciting and bold arguments with creativity and ethics in mind throughout the process.  

During our workshop, we will dissect interesting and relevant examples of nonfiction films and explore the process of crafting responsible documentaries with students. We will aim to answer these key questions:

  • What is a documentary?
  • How do you find and craft stories in nonfiction?
  • What creative choices does a director make in order to infuse the truth with meaning and emotion?
  • How can we be ethical in our approach to making documentaries?


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