Blog Join the Pack: Introducing The JBFC Brat Pack for Young Fans of the Burns

Posted June 14, 2018

by JBFC Marketing Associate Paige Grand Pré

The JBFC is proud to announce a new way for “young fans of the Burns” to engage: The Brat Pack, a community for moviegoers looking to connect with fellow film fans in the Westchester/Hudson Valley area! Set up as a Facebook group to facilitate the open exchange of ideas – and avoid spoilers on our organization’s broader Facebook page – The Brat Pack is a space just for 21-39 year old film lovers. It’s intended to foster conversation about screenings and events at the JBFC along with happenings in the film industry, film festivals, awards seasons, and a love of cinema in general.

The Brat Pack is intended to build bridges, but we can’t do it without you! Along with countless other arts organizations, the JBFC is always looking for new ways to engage our audience. Our hope is that The Brat Pack will build upon the feeling of community our current patrons and members know and love while introducing a new generation of young adults to the JBFC’s programming and special events. Particularly for those who grew up with the JBFC, The Brat Pack is the perfect way to bridge the gap as tastes shift and mature. By joining The Brat Pack, you’ll not only be able to participate in engaging conversations about upcoming events, the film industry, and current or repertory programming, but also gain access to special contests, promos, ticket discounts, giveaways, advance notice for late night or one-off screenings of interest, and invitations to exclusive, Brat-Pack-only events!

Our inaugural Brat Pack event took place on May 31, and included a screening of cult classic Dazed and Confused (Linklater, 1993) followed by a reception complete with Dazed and Confused-inspired playlist, adult coloring station, one “hella groovy” photobooth, snacks, desserts, refreshments, a Brat-Pack-Exclusive JBFC swag bag, and delicious local brews courtesy of JBFC sponsor Captain Lawrence Brewing Company!

So what are you waiting for? Join the pack and find your film family now! Simply visit the JBFC Facebook page, click on “groups” in the left hand column, and request to join “The Brat Pack.”

N.B.: Please note that by joining the Brat Pack Facebook group you agree to abide by a set of posted guidelines and be respectful of the group at all times. This means no personal attacks, no bigotry, -isms, or -phobias of any kind, and mindfulness of how your words impact others (and, as previously mentioned, mindfulness of your spoilers!). We want The Brat Pack to be a fun, positive environment for young movie lovers to talk to each other – don’t ruin it!

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