Posted June 18, 2020

19 Years of the Burns: Curated Series Watchlist

by JBFC Marketing Associate Paige Grand Pré

In celebration of the JBFC’s 19th birthday on Sunday, June 21, we’ve put together a few curated watchlists that encapsulate the quintessential JBFC experience so you can party virtually with us from home. Get started with this sampling of films we’ve screened, discussed, and enjoyed as part of our unique, curated film series over the past 19 years! If you’re a Letterboxd user, you can also check out the list on the JBFC’s Letterboxd account to save for later.

  1. Jazz on a Summer’s Day (Avakian/Stern, 1959) – Screened as part of Jazz Sessions across multiple years.
  2. Stop Making Sense (Demme, 1984) – Screened across multiple years as part of After Dark, and now screens annually as part of Sounds of Summer, a tradition established in 2017 in memory of the late, beloved filmmaker and JBFC community member Jonathan Demme.
  3. Bonnie and Clyde (Penn, 1967) – Screened as part of Pictures at a Revolution in our early years, and now shows up regularly at the Burns – the theater scene serves as the basis for one of our No Talking PSAs!
  4. Devil in a Blue Dress (Franklin, 1995) – Screened as part of International Noir in 2009 and REMIX: The Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art in 2019.
  5. Ran (Kurosawa, 1985) – Screened as part of ongoing series Retro Revival.
  6. Modern Times (Chaplin, 1936) – Screened as part of International Noir in 2009 and REMIX: The Black Experience in Film, Media, and Art in 2019.
  7. Wadjda (Al-Mansour, 2013) – Screened as part of Contemporary Arab Cinema in 2014, and is now a mainstay of the JBFC Education Film Library.
  8. Heart of a Dog (Anderson, 2015) – Screened as part of Programmers’ Picks in 2015, and later as part of The Meditative Life in 2019.
  9. Ishtar (May, 1987) – Screened as part of the 2016 Westchester Jewish Film Festival, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Elaine May, as part of our 2016 WJFF spotlight on May’s career.
  10. Grey Gardens (Maysles/Maysles, 1975) – Screened as part of year-round series Senior Afternoon Cinema in 2019.


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