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Two of Us

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Two of Us

Two retired women, Nina and Madeleine, have been secretly in love for decades. Everybody, including Madeleine’s family, thinks they are simply neighbors sharing the top floor of their building. They come and go between their two apartments, enjoying the affection and pleasures of daily life together, until an unforeseen event turns their relationship upside down and leads Madeleine’s daughter to gradually unravel the truth about them.

Be sure to stick around after the film for a pre-recorded discussion between writer/director Filippo Meneghetti, star Barbara Sukowa, and international film icon Isabelle Huppert, exclusive to virtual cinemas!

Tickets: $10 (members), $12 (nonmembers)

As visually stunning as it is profound, Two of Us is an incredible exploration of what it means to love and be loved in return.
Anne T. Donahue, Globe and Mail

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