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The Shape of Water


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The Shape of Water

Elisa (Sally Hawkins, Maudie, Blue Jasmine) is a mute, isolated woman who works as a janitor in a high security government laboratory in the early 1960s. Her life changes forever when she and her co-worker Zelda (Octavia Spencer, The Help, Snowpiercer) witness the arrival of the lab’s classified specimen–a mysterious scaled creature from South America, held captive in a giant water tank. Elisa is increasingly drawn to the creature and as their bond intensifies she becomes determined to protect it from the brutal treatment of a hostile government agent (Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals, Loving). In this bold and innovative love story, master story teller Guillermo del Toro seamlessly blends monster movie and fairy tale. The result is, “One of [del Toro’s] deepest, most complex, most rewarding, and flat-out beautiful films.” (


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