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Shorts Program 1

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Shorts Program 1

Available April 29 at 10:00 amMay 5 at 11:59 pm ONLY

Single – dir. Ashley Eakin, US, 14 minutes, 2020
Kim, who was born with one arm, gets set up on a blind date. When she finally meets Jake, she quickly realizes he also has a physical disability, and she is angry. An unapologetic perspective on the complexities of being disabled and dating.

Verisimilitude – dir. David Proud, UK, 13 minutes, 2020
An unemployed, disabled actress is frustrated that all the disabled acting roles go to able-bodied actors. She gets a job as an advisor to a spoilt up-and-coming British film star, advising him on how to be disabled for his latest role, which might just win him a BAFTA.

Wiggle Room – dir. Sam Guest & Julia Baylis, US, 13 minutes, 2021
Motivated by the imminent repossession of the wheelchair ramp from her house, teenaged Daisy is on a mission to get back the money she’s owed from a shady insurance agency. Only then does Daisy realize that the barrier of bureaucracy will be her biggest challenge.

How Much Am I Worth? – dir. Rachel Handler, US, 5 minutes, 2020
A stirring exploration of the challenges of the US healthcare and insurance industries through the lens of people with disabilities, who find themselves trapped in an antiquated system with dire consequences.

Pricing/Film Availability Info: All four ReelAbilities Film Festival short film programs are available free of charge, and passholders will also have access to the shorts programs included with their pass purchase. All film programs will be available to stream for the entire length of the series—films will become available at 10:00am on April 29 and will be open to stream until 11:59pm on May 5. Once a film is started, pass holders will have 48 hours to finish, regardless of when in the series they start the film.

This film is part of the ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York series.

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