Memories for Life - Reversing Alzheimer's

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  • Monday, Jul 15

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Memories for Life - Reversing Alzheimer's

Q&A with Dr. Dale Bredesen and Dr. Lucy Waletzky

Memories for Life – Reversing Alzheimer’s is a remarkable feature film narrated by Grammy-winner Michael Bublé about the first Alzheimer’s patients who are reversing their cognitive decline by following a novel therapeutic protocol. Developed by a renowned American neurologist, Dr. Dale Bredesen, this precision medicine approach uses expanded lab data to generate personalized protocols that are allowing patients to regain their memories.


Q&A with Dr. Dale Bredesen and Dr. Lucy Waletzky

Monday, Jul. 15 2024, 7:00

  • Lucy Waletzky, MD, is a retired physician, Westchester resident and supporter of the Jacob Burns Film Center. In 2016 after more than a decade of being concerned about her increasing memory loss, a MRI revealed a diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s. She started working with Dr Dale Bredesen on a novel brain protocol that focused on reversing the factors driving her memory decline. Through following the Bredesen protocol (described in the film), she reversed her cognitive decline. Today, at age 83, Dr. Waletzky lives an active life, participating in numerous non-profit organizations, playing golf and tirelessly advocating for wider awareness and use of this effective medical program that is already helping so many people.
  • Dr. Dale Bredesen is an expert in neurodegenerative diseases and has developed a new approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, including prevention and brain optimization programs with clinically proven results. The Bredesen Protocol is a personalized approach to prevent and reverse cognitive decline through processes referred to as PreCODE (Prevention) and ReCODE (Reversal). He has authored over 200 peer-reviewed papers and studies, and has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging, the Alzheimer's Association and private foundations. Dr. Bredesen has over thirty patents to his name. Notably, he put much of his findings and research into the 2017 New York Times‘ Best-Seller, The End of Alzheimer’s. His most recent book, The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s, presents the stories of seven individuals who reversed their cognitive decline using the ReCODE Protocol.

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