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Landfill Harmonic


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Landfill Harmonic

Recommended for ages 10 and up

Content advisory: mention of parent who drinks and acts violently, damage to homes caused by natural disaster, tough and impoverished living situations.

“The world sends us garbage. We send back music.” This is the message of the Recycled Orchestra, the most unlikely musical group you can imagine, which performs on instruments made of tin cans, scrap metal, old tubes, and other bits of junk that were tossed in the trash. Based in a notorious slum outside the Paraguayan capital—home to one of the largest landfills in South America—this is the story of a visionary music teacher, a resourceful craftsman, and an intrepid group of children who build something unimaginably beautiful out of other people’s trash. When their story went viral, the young musicians were thrust on the international stage. Leaving home for the first time, they played in the great halls of Europe, Japan, and the United States—a world they’d never imagined—and their lives were changed forever.

JBFC Kids Activities (Feb. 18 only)

Tickets: $8 (members), $13 (nonmembers), $7.50 (children age 13 and under)

A secret treasure. What seems a competent document about survival amidst environmental devastation is actually a story of the dull throb of existence gleefully recalibrated by the thundering heartbeat of music
-Kate X. Messer, Austin Chronicle
Landfill Harmonic is a nice, heart-warming documentary about the hopefulness of music and opportunity in an otherwise hopeless place
-Kim Choe, Newshub

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