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Labyrinth of Peace, Program 1

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Labyrinth of Peace, Program 1

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Episodes 13

This enthralling six-part dramatic TV miniseries—inspired by true yet little-known events—offers an intimate portrait of a family trying to move forward in “neutral” Switzerland after World War II finally ends. Klara, 20 years old, wants to create a new, better world and begins caring for displaced Holocaust survivors who are temporarily housed in a nearby boarding school. Her fiancé plans to modernize and save the family’s troubled textile company. And his brother, just home from military service, takes his first steps in the Attorney General’s office hunting down escaped Nazis. With the twists and turns of the best kind of thriller, the world of these three young idealists explodes as they come to realize that the façade of peace was bought with the blood of the victims of the war.

For Episodes 46, see Labyrinth of Peace, Program 2

Tickets: $11 (members), $16 (nonmembers)

“What starts out almost as a historical re-enactment style focused on the customs and manners of the period soon begins twisting and turning as it slowly drifts into thriller-infested waters before conclusively exploding in the final episode.”
Alex Gutiérrez, Inside Media

This film is part of the Jewish Film Festival 2021 series.

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