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Hope on the Hudson: Jon Bowermaster’s River Stories


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Hope on the Hudson: Jon Bowermaster’s River Stories

An evening of short films hosted by filmmaker and environmentalist Jon Bowermaster, who will share stories of hope, success, and the many positive efforts to preserve the Hudson River and this beautiful region we call home. These films, part of Bowermaster’s ongoing Hudson River Stories project, have not been shown here before, with the exception of A Pipeline Runs Through It, which still seems particularly important.

Source to Sea

In partnership with volunteer citizen samplers, Hudson Riverkeeper tests select tributaries of the Hudson for fecal-indicating bacteria and other water quality indicators. Communities use this data to restore and protect their local waterways.

Growing with the Grain

Scientists, farmers, bakers, and brewers work to produce a new generation of grain suited for the Northeast, hoping to bring sustainable and more localized grain production back to the region.

Undamming the Hudson River

Many fish use Hudson River tributaries to move between feeding, nursery, and spawning grounds, but thousands of dams block their way, dramatically shrinking accessible habitat and causing declines in fish and other wildlife. And now many of these dams have fallen into disrepair.

A Pipeline Runs Through It

Two different pipelines, two different stories. One carries natural gas, the other crude oil. There are countless unknowns about the safety and future of both projects but one thing is certain: Neither helps provide New Yorkers with gas or oil, and both entail exorbitant risks.

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Q&A with filmmaker Jon Bowermaster with Safe Energy Rights Group co-founder Courtney M. Williams, PhD, Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan, Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program Director Dan Shapley, and Jay Goldmark, Field Crops Manager from the Farm Hub
Monday, Apr. 29 2019, 7:00
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Jon Bowermaster is the executive producer of Oceans 8 Films. A six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council and one of the Society’s Ocean Heroes, Bowermaster has written a dozen books and produced/directed more than 15 documentary films.

Courtney M. Williams, PhD researches cancer and the molecular mechanisms of disease to parse the emerging data on the health and environmental impacts of energy infrastructure and shale gas development. Courtney works with Stop The “Algonquin” Pipeline Expansion (SAPE), co-founded Safe Energy Rights Group (SEnRG), and sits on the City of Peekskill Conservation Advisory Council

President of Scenic Hudson since 1999, Ned Sullivan has directed the organization through a period of dramatic growth in its regional impact. Prior to joining Scenic Hudson, Mr. Sullivan served as Environmental Commissioner of Maine, where his hallmark was bringing together environmental and business leaders across party lines. In recognition of his “dedication and willingness to build the necessary bridges, battle through the bureaucratic red tapeand address financial and technical challenges,” Mr. Sullivan received the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Distinguished Service Award in 2012.

As director of Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program, Dan Shapley and the team coordinate the largest community science water quality sampling project of its kind, sampling hundreds of locations throughout the Hudson River and its tributaries. Dan joined Riverkeeper as Membership and Events Manager in 2011, where he focused on engaging members in activism and volunteerism.

This film is part of the Focus on Nature 2019 series.

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