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“No one sees anything. Ever. They watch, but they don’t understand.” So observes Connie Nielsen in Olivier Assayas’ hallucinatory, globe-spanning Demonlover, a postmodern neo-noir thriller and media critique in which nothing—not even the film itself—is what it appears to be. Nielsen plays Diane de Monx, a Volf Corporation executive turned spy for rival Mangatronics in the companies’ battle over the lucrative market of Internet adult animation. In Demonlover, Assayas explores the connections between multinational businesses and extreme underground media, as well as the many ways 21st-century reality increasingly resembles violent, disorienting fiction.

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...Demonlover uncovers the human misery behind cold commerce, and the harrowing reality beyond male fantasy.
Anton Bitel, Little White Lies
A potent film.
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

This film is part of the Retro Revival series.

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