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JBFC Announces Lineup of Critically-Acclaimed Films for the Westchester Jewish Film Festival

Pleasantville, NY – February 13, 2018 —The Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) is pleased to announce a compelling lineup—featuring a robust mix of 41 documentaries and narratives—for the 17th annual Westchester Jewish Film Festival (WJFF), including all 10 episodes of The Writer, one of the latest in Israel’s brilliant streak of TV dramas.  The festival [...]

JBFC to Receive $30,000 Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts

Pleasantville, NY – February 7, 2018 —The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) just announced that the Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC), a nonprofit cultural arts center and one of the most successful suburban film houses in the country, was chosen to receive an Art Works grant of $30,000. The grant money will support the [...]

The Newest Garrel Family Collaboration: Lover for a Day

By JBFC Senior Programmer, Andrew Jupin The latest from veteran French director Philippe Garrel, Lover for a Day—the third part of a trilogy—first showed at the 2017 Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. I caught it last September at the New York Film Festival, which has screened all three films in Garrel’s trilogy. The [...]

The Meditative Life 2018

By JBFC Marketing Volunteer Dotty Battel “It’s a lifelong gift, something you can call on at any time.” These words were spoken by Sir Paul McCartney about meditation. So if you’re feeling stressed out in this chaotic world of ours (and who isn’t?), or just want to be in the company of charismatic people who [...]

Giving Gloria Grahame Her Due: Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

By JBFC Senior Programmer, Andrew Jupin Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, the new film from Paul McGuigan, stars Annette Bening—in her second fantastic performance in as many years (she was incredible in last year’s 20th Century Women)—as Hollywood star Gloria Grahame and Jamie Bell as Peter Turner, Grahame’s lover during the last few years [...]

New to the Burns: FAQ

By JBFC Marketing Associate Paige Grand Pré New to the JBFC? Welcome! Whether you’ve just visited us for the first time or are considering stopping by in the near future, we hope the below Q&A will help you get to know “the Burns.” So, you guys are a movie theater? Well no, not exactly. Sure, [...]

{High School Student Critic Review: Shea} - The Breadwinner

By Shea Stevenson, High School Student Critic The Breadwinner is a 2017 animated film about Parvana, a young girl in Taliban controlled Afghanistan whose father is unjustly arrested, so she must dress as a boy to support her family while they try to find and save her father from prison. The film is directed by [...]

{High School Student Critic Review} - The Breadwinner

By Caleb Feinstein, High School Student Critic The Breadwinner, directed by Nora Twomey, tells the interesting story of Parvana and her life in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Living in poverty, Parvana and her injured father frequent the market to sell what little they have. Despite their living conditions, the family is comforted by the vivid stories told [...]

I, Tonya Gives a Glimpse into the Cutthroat World of Figure Skating

By JBFC Senior Programmer, Andrew Jupin I, Tonya is an unconventionally constructed biopic about Tonya Harding, her unlikely rise to the top of the figure skating world, and her super-public fall from grace at the hands of her inept husband, Jeff Gillooly and “bodyguard,” Shawn Eckhardt. The film was a complete surprise to me. I first [...]

A Great Year for Movies: Our Favorite Films of 2017

By JBFC Marketing Associate Paige Grand Pré, Special Events Coordinator Nicole Klein, Membership & Marketing Associate Nicole LaLiberty, Programming Administrator Saidah Russell, & Marketing Associate Sarah Soliman 2017 has been an exciting year for movie-goers. It started out strong with the incisive and terrifying Get Out, offered us a summer of electrifying films like Baby Driver [...]

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