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Starting March 27, you’ll be able to purchase a digital screening of Corpus Christi for only $12, after which you’ll have 3 days to watch the film in a “virtual screening room” created just for patrons of the JBFC. Like many cinematic engagements, Corpus Christi will be available for screening purchases for one week to start; if demand is sufficient, the title will be “held over” for additional weeks as needed.

With each screening of Corpus Christi purchased during this period you’ll provide much-needed support to both the JBFC and Film Movement—who will evenly split the revenue—as we navigate these uncharted waters

Any questions? Check out our Virtual Screening Room FAQ.

About Corpus Christi:

2019. 115 m. Jan Komasa. Film Movement. Poland. Polish with subtitles. NR.

Released from prison, 20-year-old Daniel is sent to a remote village to work as a manual laborer. But he convinces the locals that he is a priest and fills in for their elderly vicar, inspiring some and raising suspicion among others. Led by an impressive Bartosz Bielenia, this thoughtful, engaging, Oscar-nominated Polish film examines questions of faith and redemption, and is not to be missed.

JBFC Programmer Saidah Russell and JBFC Special Events Programmer Nicole Klein, write: “In recent years, we boldly entered the Era of the Hot Priest (Fleabag, First Reformed, The Young Pope, etc.). However, we haven’t seen any quite like Corpus Christi’s Daniel, played with charm and ferocity by captivating newcomer Bartosz Bielenia. We went into our screening at TIFF this past September with little idea of what to expect, and were completely blown away. Filmmaker Jan Komasa, in his third feature, combines elements of crime drama, morality tale, and character study to explore ideas around faith and redemption in contemporary Poland. It’s an extremely ambitious vision, one that consistently surprises and thrills. It quickly became one of our favorite films from the festival and we were shocked and elated to see it receive an Academy Award nomination this year for Best International Feature. The acclaim is totally deserved and, despite the lack of a traditional theatrical release, we’re still really excited that Film Movement’s given us the opportunity to share it with all of you.”

  • To take advantage of this screening option, you will follow this link to Film Movement’s site, where you will be prompted to make a purchase. You will first need to register on this site with your own personal login details (you will not have access through your existing JBFC account). It’s very easy! You will enter your name and email address and set a password.
  • This film can be viewed on a television (using Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku or Chromecast), a mobile phone (iPhone, iPad, Android) and/or a computer (by clicking on the link in the email). More details are provided here.
  • For any questions regarding streaming, device, connection, or payment issues, you will need to reference the Film Movement site and reach out directly to that site’s customer support.
  • Please feel free to reach out to JBFC support for non-streaming questions at
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