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Exploring our world is a founding principle of the JBFC. Presenting the best of world cinema is part of our mission and remains a vital component of our film programming. On average, the JBFC presents 2-4 foreign films each month.

A JBFC member described how meaningful our world cinema programs are, “I appreciate the diversity of cultures and viewpoints I experience at the JBFC. I also love the films with spectacular scenery of countries I have not been able to visit and voices I have not been able to hear.”

We created the JBFC Passport to recognize every time you attend a world cinema screening. Your membership account will log your adventures. Watch your own personal world map come to life with color as you fly around the world with film.

Level up your “frequent flyer” status with every cinematic journey you take. After you’ve visited your first three countries (outside the US), you’ll get a souvenir prize in the mail.

Ready to take flight? Come along with the JBFC for a silver screen staycation. No need to set it up or opt in— your travels will automatically be tracked.

To see your personalized map with the countries you have visited, log in to your account with your email and password, and click on “Membership Info.”

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2023 World Cinema Countries

Country Count Films
GBR 17 Much Ado About Nothing, Empire of Light, The Son, Living, James Baldwin Abroad: A Progra, Emily, Oscar Shorts: Animated, Oscar Shorts: Live Action, Oscar Shorts: Docs, The Lost King, The Red Shoes, Tribute to a Musical Pioneer:, Blue Jean, The Lesson, The Miracle Club, Scrapper, Saltburn
CHL 9 Chile '76, The Eternal Memory, The Lifeguard, The Mole Agent, The Grown Ups, Maite Alberdi: In Focus Shorts, The Eternal Memory, Tea Time, An Evening with Maite Alberdi
FRA 7 Saint Omer, Oscar Shorts: Animated, Other People's Children, Persian Lessons, Scarlet, Between Two Worlds, Contempt
KOR 4 Broker, Return to Seoul, Walk Up, Oldboy
DEU 4 All Quiet on the Western Front, Afire, This Stolen Country of Mine, Theatre of Violence
CAN 4 Oscar Shorts: Animated, BlackBerry, Eternal Spring, To Kill A Tiger
ITA 4 Oscar Shorts: Live Action, The Garden of the Finzi-Contin, The Conformist, The Eight Mountains
ISR 4 Let It Be Morning, The Conductor: Program 1, The Conductor: Program 2, The Band’s Visit
DNK 3 Oscar Shorts: Live Action, Cool Cats, Theatre of Violence
UKR 3 SHTTL, Butterfly Vision, 20 Days in Mariupol
JPN 3 High and Low, Tribute to a Musical Pioneer:, The Boy and the Heron
POL 2 EO, March '68
BEL 2 Close, Tori and Lokita
AUS 2 Oscar Shorts: Animated, Shadow
IRL 2 The Quiet Girl, The Miracle Club
ARG 1 Argentina, 1985
AFG 1 Retrograde
AUT 1 Corsage
TUR 1 James Baldwin Abroad: A Progra
IRN 1 No Bears
PRT 1 Oscar Shorts: Animated
NOR 1 Oscar Shorts: Live Action
IND 1 Oscar Shorts: Docs
CHN 1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
PAK 1 Joyland
SEN 1 Touki Bouki
ECU 1 This Stolen Country of Mine
MOR 1 The Blue Caftan
ARM 1 Aurora's Sunrise
NLD 1 White Balls on Walls