Shorts Program: NYICFF Kid Flicks Two

Stories from around the world. Animation/Live Action. 2020. 66 min.

Recommended Age: 8+

Curated by the New York International Children’s Film Festival, Kid Flicks Two is a collection of animated and live action short films from all over the world. Surprises in a dumpling bring good luck, and many reflections, in The Coin. In The One You Never Forget, a young teen tries to keep his first date under wraps, but his parents have other ideas. In Home Away 3000, a space traveler’s funky space van konks out on an unknown planet with plenty of surprises! Enjoy these films and others which embrace the power of storytelling, and the importance of diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

Content Advisory: (Not Rated) We recommend taking a look at each film’s description.




Wash DayAnimation. 2019. 2 min. Jaida Salmon. Canada. English.

Join Zoey as she goes through her weekly grueling routine of washing and styling her hair.

The CoinStop Motion Animation. 2019. 7 min. Siqi Song. China/USA. In Chinese, with English subtitles.

On Chinese New Year, finding the coin hidden in a dumpling brings good luck. One girl discovers new identities and long-standing connections tucked inside as well.

Shy & KetchupAnimation. 2019. 4 min. Teresa Romo. Chile. English.

Hunger or craving, a shy girl has to push beyond her comfort zone to fulfill her need in this hilarious film.

Paper KiteLive Action. 2019. 7 min. Nada Bedair. Qatar. In Arabic, with English subtitles.

From her sixth grade classroom, Noor sketches a kite she sees outside the school walls. When new student Zayn walks in, a dream starts to take flight.

The Butterfly AffectAnimation. 2019. 5 min. Stephanie Blakey. Canada. English.

Before “the change,” Jesse didn’t think she was any different from her friends. Now she’s a young worm trying to find her place in a butterfly’s world.

Home Away 3000Animation. 2018. 11 min. Héloïse Pétel & Philippe Baranzini. France. No dialogue.

After crashing on an unknown planet, a space traveller begins to repair his spaceship. Little does he know the surprises that await him.

3feetLive Action. 2018. 14 min. Giselle Geney. Colombia. In Spanish, with English subtitles.

Get your (soccer) kicks on the way to school with Gonzalo as he hilariously tries his very best to keep things clean and stay in the game.

The One You Never ForgetLive Action. 2019. 8 min. Morgan Jon Fox. USA. English.

A 14-year-old excitedly prepares for his first dance, but will his date live up to his parents’ expectations.

EatenStop Motion Animation. 2019. 7 min. Mohsen Rezapour. Iran. No dialogue.

On a mysterious, unknown planet, a rabbit-like creature is eaten, but that’s just the beginning of the story.


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