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Pride Over Prejudice: Queer Life Across Generations

June 14–29, 2022

Despite the growing visibility of Pride Month in recent years, the LGBTQIA community has continued to face discrimination and violence, with attacks on trans children, “don’t say gay” bills flooding the country, and a rise in hate crimes. It’s clear now more than ever — the work is far from done. In a time where Pride has become increasingly commercialized, it’s vital to remember that it’s more than just one month of parades and PR campaigns. Pride is the force within us that allows us to be ourselves, to show up to the world in all our authenticity, to love without abandon, and to never give up in the fight for equality.

In Pride Over Prejudice: Queer Life Across Generations, we bear witness to those who have dedicated their lives to fighting for one another, for equality, and for happiness. In presenting these films, we want to raise the voices of those who have been pushed to the margins—not just of society, but even within queer spaces—such as people of color, trans individuals, and women. We also celebrate that in the midst of struggle and setbacks, we find deep, overflowing, queer joy in our community, in music, in art, and in living.

These films invite us to honor the legacies of those who came before us, celebrate their triumphs, grieve for their losses, and fight fearlessly for future generations. — Adrienne Frank, Series Curator

Read a special note for Pride Month from Series Curator Adrienne Frank on the JBFC Blog.

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