Caramoor at the Burns: Movies Musicians Love

Sep. 10–Dec. 3, 2019

We tend to think that film is essentially visual, but often music is the beating heart, the invisible place where the emotional life of a film happens. And movies are now at the very center of the musical world, the place where the some of the most interesting and innovative music finds home. This made us wonder: What movies do musicians love because of their music, and why? And so we’re thrilled to partner with our fellow Westchester institution, Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. They have asked some extraordinary performers to choose a favorite film to showcase here, and we couldn’t be happier with their selections! We welcome members of the Caramoor community to join us for these screenings, which will take place once a month starting in September.

—Brian Ackerman, programming director

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Oct. 1 Sarah Jarosz selects O Brother, Where Art Thou? “O Brother, Where Art Thou? was a pivotal movie for so many…
Alexander Nevsky Nov. 5 Daniil Trifonov selects ALEXANDER NEVSKY “Alexander Nevsky is one of the staples in early film ventures that placed video and…
The Triplets of Belleville Dec. 3 Ted Sperling selects THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE “I remember vividly seeing The Triplets of Belleville in the movie theater, soon…

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