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The JBFC offers innovative after-school courses in media, documentary and fiction film production, screenwriting, animation, and so much more.

Scholarships are available for participants with financial need.

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Director's Cut: Fundamentals of Filmmaking


This course will be taught by Anthony Q. Artis, NYU Adjunct Faculty and author of the Shut Up and Shoot Video Production Guide.

After-School Course | Two Days/Week | April 6–May 23, 2024
$1900 (members), $2000 (nonmembers)
*Payment plan options are available.
In Director’s Cut: Fundamentals of Filmmaking, participants will learn the craft of filmmaking through the creation of an original short film. Guided by Anthony Q. Artis, NYU Adjunct Faculty, and collaborating in crews, students will engage in a series of practical exercises and activities aimed at mastering the core components of crafting a visual narrative.

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Sisters on Set


This club is open to cisgender girls, as well as non-binary and transgender youth.

After-School Course | 6 Fridays | April 12—June 21, 2024
$380 (members, $400 (nonmembers)

Join the JBFC’s burgeoning community of young women filmmakers in our newest club, Sisters on Set! Through interactive workshops, participants will learn the craft and techniques of modern filmmaking, analyze and discuss curated films, and gain a window into life in the film industry.

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