Posted December 4, 2023

Highlights from the Inaugural Cohort of the JBFC Emerging Screenwriter Fellowship with NYU Tisch

The inaugural session of our Emerging Screenwriter Fellowship program in collaboration with NYU Tisch concluded successfully last month. Led by NYU Tisch Professor Jeremy J. Kamps, the JBFC Emerging Screenwriter Fellowship spanned six weeks, featuring thirteen dynamic sessions held on the JBFC Campus. Ten exceptionally talented high school students, carefully chosen from a pool of applicants, engaged in bi-weekly 3-hour meetings from early October to mid-November.

Throughout this immersive program, participants acquired a solid grounding in screenwriting, delved into the intricacies of crafting a film pitch, and honed collaborative skills within a workshop environment. Recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity, we provided all fellowships at no cost to the selected students, and offered a generous stipend to cover transportation and associated expenses.

The culmination of the course took place in a captivating live table read on November 15, 2023, where our budding writers witnessed their scripts brought to life by six outstanding and transformative actors. Families and friends of the students gathered to witness this milestone in their journey into screenwriting. The depth and quality of the students’ writing left the audience thoroughly impressed, concluding the evening with an enjoyable Q&A session and a reception to commemorate their achievements. 

JBFC Education Program Manager, Brandon Shenkman, said “The dedication and passion of these young writers mixed with the infectious expertise of NYU Adjunct Professor Jeremy Kamps to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience, and, when funneled through the program’s intensive structure, resulted in a depth and quality of writing unlike anything we’ve previously seen from students at the JBFC. While we are so proud of what they created, we are even more excited that these young creatives formed a supportive and vibrant community and took their first big step toward a life in the arts.

Testimonials from our young writers themselves:

Being in a room with nine other peers with similar mindsets about writing to me was an absolute delight, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

It was honestly magical to receive honest and critical feedback that helped me grow as a writer every day.

This experience has been one of the most warm and welcoming programs I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of


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The inaugural cohort of the JBFC Emerging Screenwriter Fellowship with Professor Jeremy J. Kamps.

Six talented actors bringing the screenplays to life in a live table-read.

The depth and quality of the students’ writing left the audience thoroughly impressed.”

A well deserved treat to celebrate this milestone in the young writers’ screenwriting journeys.

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