Toni Erdmann


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Toni Erdmann

Audiences across Europe—and at the Cannes Film Festival—loved this surprising tale of a father who will try pretty much anything to reconnect with his adult daughter, who’s caught up in the all-too-common pressures of work and modern life. It’s funny, provocative, and moving, prompting The Telegraph to report that “the film’s sweetness and bitterness are held so perfectly in balance, and realized with such sinew-stiffening intensity, that watching it feels like a three-hour sports massage for your heart and soul.” An unpredictable, engrossing gem.

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A stunningly singular third feature by German writer-director Maren Ade that transports the intricately magnified human observation of her previous work to a rich, unexpected comic realm.
It’s some new, evolved form of awkward comedy that doesn’t strive to make the audience wince, just live in every joyously strange, uncomfortable moment.