They Live

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They Live

Comedic Introduction by Judah Friedlander

When a drifter (played by the late professional wrestler and actor Roddy Piper) discovers special sunglasses that reveal the world’s true nature, he uncovers a society of aliens controlling the human race with subliminal messages. John Carpenter’s They Live is satirical science fiction, prescient in how it exposes the hypnotic grip of consumer culture and the hidden manipulations of power. Peppered with witticisms and action film tropes, Carpenter projects a dystopian vision where the truth is shocking and undeniable. Don’t forget your bubble gum. 

"It’s an effective ploy, forcing us to confront certain basic facts about the state of the world around us without sounding preachy, and it articulates a decidedly working-class anger in response to social iniquity without sounding self-righteous. And it does all of this while retaining the surface appeal of its B-movie origins, frequently (and entertainingly) indulging in the seductive spectacle of ghouls and guns in combat—though always with ulterior motives."
Calum Marsh, Slant Magazine


Comedic Introduction by Judah Friedlander
Comedic Introduction by Judah Friedlander
Monday, Apr. 15 2024, 7:00
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Judah Friedlander is a unique & versatile performer that audiences from all over the world of all different backgrounds love. He has won awards and accolades as both a comedic actor & dramatic actor. He has been in hundreds of television shows and over 40 feature films. For acting roles, he has often done deep character work, changing his appearance & voice so much that he is unrecognizable as he did in American Splendor for which he was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Judah is also well-known for playing the lovable weirdo Frank for all 7 seasons on the multiple Emmy-winning TV comedy 30 Rock. His 84-minute stand-up comedy performance film, which he independently produced, directed, edited, wrote, and performed - America Is the Greatest Country In the United States, won rave reviews, with many critics & fans calling it the best of the year, the best of the last 10 years, and the best they’ve ever seen. It is a unique, dynamic, and hilarious 84 minutes of non-stop jokes with profound satire on the state of the world. Judah has also authored two books: the hilarious instructional karate book How to Beat Up Anybody, and the absurd & satirical If the Raindrops United, a collection of his drawings & cartoons. Judah will soon be making & releasing a new feature length stand-up performance film, and releasing a stand-up comedy album with all new material.

This film is part of the Punchline series.

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