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The Dawn Wall


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The Dawn Wall

Yes, I’m going to make the seemingly outrageous claim that this climbing film is every bit as thrilling and suspenseful as Free Solo—it’s that good. (It had the misfortune of being released just after, and so missed the attention it would have otherwise received.) But we’ve positioned it deliberately as the closing night of Focus on Nature as we’re going to end on an intense and emotional note. Come join us and the filmmaker—I guarantee you will not be disappointed! —Brian Ackerman

Tommy Caldwell isn’t just any rock climber. Having endured more than his share of disasters, he focused his considerable energy and skill on doing what seemed impossible: free-climbing the Dawn Wall, a 3000-foot expanse of granite in Yosemite National Park that had never been climbed. He and his partner, Kevin Jorgeson, spent six years meticulously plotting and practicing their route, blurring the line between dedication and obsession. And in January 2015, with the world watching, Caldwell was faced with a moment of truth. Thrilling and profound, this is a deeply moving exploration of one man’s psyche and relationship to nature.

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Q&A with filmmaker Josh Lowell
Q&A with filmmaker Josh Lowell
Thursday, May. 2 2019, 7:00
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Josh Lowell is the founder of Big Up Productions and has been making climbing and outdoor adventure films for nearly 20 years. His documentaries have won dozens of festival awards, two Emmys, and aired on Discovery, NBC, Netflix, and other global platforms. A passionate climber himself, Josh and his brother, Brett, spent seven years documenting Tommy Caldwell’s quest to climb the Dawn Wall.

This film is part of the Focus on Nature 2019 series.

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