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Shared Legacies: The African American-Jewish Civil Rights Alliance

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Shared Legacies: The African American-Jewish Civil Rights Alliance

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This potent and utterly fascinating call to arms deeply explores the alliance between African Americans and Jewish Americans dating back to the 1909 founding of the NAACP. Director Shari Rogers shows how this union originated in a mutual recognition of the suffering of segregation, violence, and bigotry, but she also highlights how the relationship has frayed in recent years. The film features archival footage and recent interviews with leaders, witnesses, and activists, including the late great Congressman John Lewis, UN Ambassador Andrew Young, the scholar Susannah Heschel, and many others. This potent and inspiring story of unity, empathy, and partnership validates the universality of the human experience, and reminds us how freedom and equality for all can be achieved only when people come together.

Tickets: $11 (members), $16 (nonmembers)

“An insightful and timely reminder of the importance of communities coming together to denounce hate and injustice.”
Courtney Small, POV Magazine
“Compelling and powerful. It does an excellent job pointing out the necessity of both groups joining forces in the battle for justice and the impact that they had on each other’s lives.”
Steve Norton, In the Seats

This film is part of the Jewish Film Festival 2021 series.

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