Made in England: The Films of Powell and Pressburger

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Made in England: The Films of Powell and Pressburger

Opens July 19

Martin Scorsese first encountered the films of Powell and Pressburger when he was a child, sitting in front of the family TV. Now, in this documentary, he tells the story of his lifelong love-affair with their movies, including The Life and Death Of Colonel Blimp, Black Narcissus, The Red Shoes and The Tales of Hoffmann.

Drawing on a rich array of archive material, Scorsese explores in full the collaboration between the Englishman Powell and the Hungarian Pressburger – two romantics and idealists, who thrived in the face of adversity during World War II but were eventually brought low by the film industry of the 1950’s.

Scorsese celebrates their ability to create “subversive commercial movies” and describes how deeply their films have influenced his own work.


"An engrossing celebration of two of British cinema’s most distinctive voices, and their creative harmony."
Wendy Ide, The Observer
"Scorsese’s rhapsodical memories match the romance of Powell and Pressburger’s transportive storytelling and indelible images; his account of first seeing the rhododendrons in Black Narcissus on a nitrate print is as magical as the image."
Tara Brady, The Irish Times

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