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“A fine light comedy, with unexpected passages of seriousness, marked by the Donen touch in its adventurous visuals and vivacious performances.” (Chicago Reader)

When the days of the grand musical were at an end, Donen tried his hand at sophisticated romantic comedy. One of his best was Indiscreet, in which Cary Grant plays a dashing financier-diplomat and Ingrid Bergman is a famous leading lady. Sparks fly the moment they meet, and they can’t stay apart. The problem is that he’s married—or is he? This witty, charming, and elegant confection boasted a clever split-screen effect, which was very advanced by 1958 standards. Indiscreet was a huge hit, bringing Grant back to the kind of film he’d starred in decades earlier and setting Donen up for a string of hits, including Charade, which he and Grant made just a few years later.

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