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“An unforgettable vérité character study and an intimate look at an endangered tradition.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Winner of the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at Sundance!

The last in a long line of Macedonian wild beekeepers, Hatidze Muratova ekes out a living, working gently without netting or gloves and always leaving half the honey for the bees. But when a new family moves in with roaring engines, seven rowdy children, 150 cows, and a profit-minded approach, her life and the bees’ future are suddenly on the line. This sumptuous, intimate film is a glimpse of a disappearing way of life and a tender portrait of the delicate balance between humankind and nature.

Tickets: $9 (members), $14 (nonmembers)

This film is part of the Focus on Nature 2019 series.

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