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Genesis 2.0


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Genesis 2.0

“A double-stranded helix of a real-life thriller, chilling and unforgettable.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

A totally original film that threads a connection between ancient history and modern technology in unexpected and haunting ways. Indigenous hunters searching for tusks of extinct woolly mammoths at the remotest edge of Siberia are looking for precious ivory, but sometimes they find much more: well-preserved carcasses, complete with fur, liquid blood, and even muscle tissue. Such treasures are magnets for high-tech clone researchers who aim to bring the mammoth back to life. But resurrecting this great beast is just a first manifestation of a revolution in genetics, as biologists around the world are working on re-inventing life, using synthetic biology to produce complete artificial biological systems.

Winner: Special Jury Prize at Sundance for its beautiful cinematography.

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This film is part of the Focus on Nature 2019 series.

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