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For Ahkeem


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For Ahkeem

For Ahkeem follows the life of Daje Shelton, a seventeen-year-old black girl living in North St. Louis. After being expelled from her public school, Daje is given one final chance to graduate by attending an alternative program at the Innovative Concept Academy. Over the course of two years, we watch as Daje attempts to adjust to her much stricter new school while also balancing a tumultuous relationship with her mother and an intense first love. Coloring Daje’s maturation into adulthood is the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police in nearby Ferguson, MO and the resulting protests. In this intimate and powerful documentary from filmmakers Jeremy S. Levine and Landon Van Soest, the personal echoes the political as Daje confronts herself and her community, all the while grappling with what it means to grow up black in America.


Tickets: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers)


Q&A filmmaker Landon Van Soest and Director of the ACLU Racial Justice Program Dennis Parker moderated by Creative Culture Fellow Crystal Kayiza
Thursday, Feb. 8 2018, 7:30
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Jeremy S. Levine and Landon Van Soest are an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaking team whose work explores social commentary through rich characters and cinematic stories. Landon and Jeremy co-founded Transient Pictures, a full service production company that produces original content for organizations like Facebook, Unicef, Ben & Jerry’s, Toyota, and Lincoln Center.

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