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Deconstructing the Beatles: The Birth of the Beatles


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Deconstructing the Beatles: The Birth of the Beatles

We’re still thrilling to Scott Freiman’s bottomless pool of knowledge about the Beatles. Here he takes on the band before they were even the Beatles through the moment they burst on the scene to forever change our world. Scott has touched on the early Beatles before at the Burns, but these new fascinating and exhilarating presentations—captured on film—are completely revamped and expanded with new music, video, and other material. —Brian Ackerman

At first John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Richard Starkey were just four Liverpool teenagers who picked up guitars (or drumsticks) and decided to play music. With no formal training or ability to read music, they tried to emulate their American rock heroes. Within a few years, they would change music history (and the world) forever. In this lively talk, Freiman explores their path from the early days as the Quarrymen to their transformation in Hamburg.

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Q&A filmmaker and Beatles expert Scott Freiman
Q&A filmmaker and Beatles expert Scott Freiman
Monday, Jul. 16 2018, 7:30
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Scott Freiman combines his love of the Beatles with his experience as a composer, producer, and engineer to deliver unique multimedia presentations about the band’s creative process. With rare insights, anecdotes, film clips, and recordings, he takes audiences on an entertaining journey through performances and recording sessions, allowing viewers to see and hear the evolution of groundbreaking songs and understand their lasting influence on popular music. Freiman has composed music for more than 10 films, as well as the Emmy-winning BBC/Discovery series Life.

This film is part of the Sounds of Summer 2018: Music Films, Old and New series.

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