Buck and the Preacher

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Buck and the Preacher

Before the screening, join us for a film introduction by Professor Mia Mask, Q&A to follow

Sidney Poitier makes his directorial debut with this revisionist western about Exodusters seeking a better life on the frontier.  Set in the late 1860s in the Kansas Territory shortly after the Civil War, a former soldier named Buck leads wagon trains of African Americans from Louisiana to the unsettled territories out west. To ensure safe passage and food for these trains, Buck negotiates with the Native Americans in the area. He pays local tribes, and in return they allow the migrants to kill limited numbers of buffalo to eat, and to pass through their land.  But the Exodusters’ wagon trains are being ambushed by Deshay and his murdering posse who were hired by plantation owners to raid the trains and intimidate them into returning South. One day Buck meets an itinerant, jackleg minister named

“Preacher” and the two join forces. Together Buck and the Preacher – along with Buck’s wife Ruth (Ruby Dee) – form a coalition to crush Deshay and his nightrider posse.

–Professor Mia Mask

Before the screening, join us for a film introduction by Professor Mia Mask, Q&A to follow.

"A lively entertainment underlined by some stinging social comment. It also marks the initial joint appearance of Poitier and Belafonte on the screen and is Poitier's debut as a film director. Both are auspicious firsts"
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
"Send the kiddies to see this slick western with Sidney Poitier"
Judith Crist, New York Magazine/Vulture

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