Creative Culture Network

All Creative Culture programs are guided by an ethic of collaboration and care. By practicing mutual support, we believe we can combat a culture of competition that pervades our industry, and foster a more inclusive and supportive filmmaking community. Creative Culture Network is an online resource hub for emerging filmmakers.

A-Doc Asian American Documentary Network (for self-identified Asian-American documentary folx)

Black Film Space

Blue Collar Post Collective (for post-production professionals)

Brown Girls Doc Mafia (for nonbinary & women filmmakers of color)

Doculink (documentary focused)

FWD-Doc (for filmmakers with disabilities)

Ghetto Film School Roster

How Are You Doing? Mental Health Support for Post Production Pros by BCPC

Hue You Know (for BIPOC in media)

Local Zero Heroes (for production assistants)

Media Mavens (for women & nonbinary media folx; requires referral)

Queer Producers Network (for LGBTQ+ documentary folx)

Sundance Collab Writer’s Café

The Future of Film is Female Membership

Video Consortium (documentary/media journalism focused)

The Jacob Burns Film Center is proud to receive generous support from:

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