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A note from Senior Programmer Andrew Jupin:

Another setback for our JBFC filmgoing community thanks to the pandemic closure is the cancellation of what would’ve been our seventh annual Halloween Marathon. At this point, even if we were able to open the doors tomorrow, something about all of us spread across two or three theaters for an entire night just doesn’t sit right.

So in 2021, the JBFC Halloween Movie Marathon will return!

But until then, we have to learn to play in this virtual world and think outside the box a bit. As such, I decided to bring back our After Dark series! Long-time JBFC fans will recall this series as a fun space where we could get a little weird, get a little wild, and have a great time at the movies… late at night! In that spirit, the first offering in the newly-revived After Dark series is Hayden J. Weal’s new horror comedy, Dead!

Weal hails from New Zealand, a real hotbed for modern horror comedy in recent years with films like Housebound, Deathgasm (which appeared in The Marathon in year two), and of course the incredibly popular What We Do in the Shadows—the first film to play in the first-ever Marathon!

More than any of those films, Weal’s Dead plays like another kiwi horror comedy, Peter Jackson’s totally great The Frighteners, starring Michael J. Fox. Especially the whole “ghosts investigating a serial killer in a small town” thing. A big difference from The Frighteners is that this film, also written by and starring Weal, is filled with that very specific New Zealand comedy sensibility of which I can’t get enough. There’s also a real Ghost vibe in the film, but unfortunately no pottery wheel to be found.

It’s a film that I definitely would’ve held for this year’s marathon, so consider this title a small look at what could’ve been. As more horror/sci-fi/cult titles come my way (and are available for us to screen virtually), I’ll do my best to put them in front of our After Dark/Halloween Marathon crowd. I know you folks are out there, and I miss you all!

So here’s to next year’s marathon and all the After Dark titles to come between now and then! In the meantime, be on the lookout for a Halloween horror watchlist I’ll be putting together for you all, complete with an intro video to say hi. That should hit sometime later in October, so stay tuned!

About Dead:

2020. 90 m. Hayden J. Weal. Circle Collective. New Zealand. English.

Marbles, a hapless stoner, can see ghosts. Using a homemade concoction of neurological medication and marijuana, he’s getting along just fine mediating between the living and the dead for a pittance of a living. Then Tagg—a freshly dead wannabe super-cop—appears and makes Marbles an auspicious offer: help him find a serial killer in exchange for a hefty payout of life insurance. The money will allow Marbles to buy back his family home, which is tied to happy memories of his late father and which his domineering mother is selling. Can a critical ghost cop and a directionless stoner get over their prejudices and work together to save lives…and deaths?

Order a virtual screening of Dead!

Dead is presented with support from the JBFC World Cinema Fund, sponsored by Wine Enthusiast. It screens as part of recurring JBFC series After Dark.

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Order a virtual screening of Dead!

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