And Then We Danced

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Starting April 3, you’ll be able to purchase a digital screening of And Then We Danced for only $12, after which you’ll have 48 hours to watch the film in a “virtual screening room” created just for patrons of the JBFC. Like many cinematic engagements, And Then We Danced will be available for screening purchases for one week to start; if demand is sufficient, the title will be “held over” for additional weeks as needed.

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About And Then We Danced:
2019. 113 m. Levan Akin. Music Box Films. Georgia. Georgian with English subtitles. NR.

A passionate tale of love and liberation set amidst the conservative confines of modern Georgian society, And Then We Danced follows Merab, a devoted dancer who has been training for years with his partner Mary for a spot in the National Georgian Ensemble. The arrival of another male dancer, Irakli—gifted with perfect form and equipped with a rebellious streak—throws Merab off balance, sparking both an intense rivalry and romantic desire that may cause him to risk his future in dance as well as his relationships with Mary and his family.

Saidah Russell, Programmer here at the JBFC, writes: “I’m a sucker for coming-of-age movies; movies about first love and the inevitable first heartbreak, movies about youth and rebellion and lost innocence. So, it’s highly likely that I was predisposed toward loving And Then We Danced, which incorporates these themes with style and nuance. But if coming-of-age isn’t your genre, you’re in luck because this film contains multitudes. Skillfully directed by Swedish filmmaker Levan Akin and set within the restrictive world of Georgian folk dance, And Then We Danced is more broadly a multifaceted portrait of queer identity and the constraints of tradition. Still not your thing? Then maybe you’ll be enticed by the stunning choreography featured throughout. Though, perhaps the biggest selling point here is the mesmerizing performance from dancer-turned-actor Levan Gelbakhiani in his film debut. Gelbakhiani effortlessly anchors the film with a hypnotic physicality, infusing a single glance or the smallest gesture with overwhelming emotional heft.

What I’m trying to say is there’s a lot to appreciate in this film: the performances, the cinematography, even the logistics of the production itself (they were forced to shoot in secret due to fears of retaliation from anti-LBGTQ Georgian conservatives). The fact that such a small film could contain so many thoughtful and relevant ideas, without relinquishing intimacy or specificity, feels like a tiny miracle. I hope you’ll seek it out. I feel confident you’ll find something about it to love.”

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Purchase a virtual screening of And Then We Danced!

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